Pr. James Kambugu With  Friend


Pastor/ Evangelist. Abdul Majidh James Kambugu was born in 1979 by the late Mustafa Muli who was an elder in the mosque in Kiboga District, a real and famous notorious Muslim guy in his time. Pr James began to go to SCHOOL in 1989 at Masiliba Primary School and was sponsored by an unknown American citizen through World Vision in 1994 for a short period of time suddenly my sponsor passed on and thus marked the end of his education which made life more harder for him.
Before accepting Jesus Christ, the Lord, he was born in a Muslim family and lived in this belief for 19years. At 15years of age, he joined a certain Muslim organization called the Uganda Islamic Dawaa association with an intention of insulting and blaspheming the born again Christians church.
He was well trained to falsely twist scriptures with the intention of converting many uninformed Christians into Islamic faith. James’ background was so influential being that the fact of origination back ground roots from a staunch Islamic genealogy that generated Muslim leaders, Sheikhs, imams. Etc… to this generation serves to explain why he was such a dangerous tool against Christianity.
Above it all he gives praise to Jesus for his Mercy upon his life, which saved him in the year 1998 when he became a child of God. Every time of his dialogue encounter with pastors, Evangelists through topics that blasphemed and challenged the authenticity of Jesus son ship and Lordship, amazing grace of Jesus shown unto him, through visions and dreams Jesus confirmed Himself to him as a true son of God, from that moment the fear of the Lord chilled his arrogance and eventually got converted and accepted Him.
Pr James joined a church led by Pastor Joyce Nyombi and pastor John Evans Kazibwe where he was nurtured spiritually through discipleship sessions that matured him in the spirit from 1998 up to 2006, being that these pastors were also Ex- Muslims
In 2000, the Lord sent him to witness His Name to Muslim communities; of course persecution was and is inevitable to the extent of rejection and denial by all family members. Even before his own father who sent some guys to kill him because of Jesus but God was so good who saved him from the hands of murderers. In 2003, he officially started a ministry called Ex-Muslim Evangelical Ministry for Christ.
This ministry specifically equips all the ex Muslims preachers to push forward towards the aim of witnessing Christ to all Muslims by expanding this ministry through Evangelism, open air Crusades, conferences and seminars.
We are so thankful to the Lord for the ex Muslims who have been typical leaders in mosques. Through this ministry, we have encountered a lot of challenges such as great persecutions, denials, stoned publicly, rejections and abuses but all in all we believe the lord who began this work in us shall accomplish it, because He who is in us is greater than he in the world.
NB: whoever reads this profile should know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! No one cometh to the Father except by me. (John 14:6)