You Can Donate through our form below and those funds will go straight to our paypal account

The Child Sponsorship Donation is $35 paid monthly. Please complete form from the Link below, scan and email back to us along with your first $35 monthly Child Sponsorship Donation. If you’re not able to scan and email the form, you can email us the answers to questions asked in this form. You can stop your Child Sponsorship Program at anytime by simply letting us know that you no longer wish to sponsor a Child. Download the form from here

Your Child Sponsorship Donations can be paid using any of the three donation choices shown below. If you do not have a Paypal Account, you can use our Paypal Link ( shown in choice 2 below) to pay with a debit or credit card.

  1. Using your Paypal Account, use our email address to send a payment:
  1. If viewing on a computer, you can click on the active Paypal Link shown below to pay with a debit or credit card:  
    OR you copy or type this link, into your web browser:

Using this link, you can pay with a debit or credit card even if you do not have a Paypal Account.

Your payments are securely handled by Paypal. We never receive or keep your Debit or Credit Card information.

  1. Mail Check (not money order) made out to Kingdom Lighters Ministries to:
    Kingdom Lighters Ministries

    Central Hoima Road Uganda, Africa

Once we receive answers to questions in this form and $35, you’ll be provided information on your Sponsored Child. If you have any questions about this process, please email or call +256 77 415 3646.

Why You Should Care

Why should you care and I care about orphans? At childcare orphanage school, we follow the biblical directive to rescue, love and care for orphans. We believe that when we do we are following Christ’s commandment and are acting as His hands and feet. We believe it is not just the responsibility of those who are called to full time ministry to be concerned for orphans, but that it is the responsibility of all believers and Christ followers.


Feeding Program

There is no compassionate heart like feeding children who hunger and thirst through our feeding program.


Education Program

The Kingdom lighters ministry is proud to be impacting the Orphans and Vulnerable children through education programs, our efforts is to impact the lives of children through education programs for the sake of saving their future life


Church Mission

We have a friendly visiting team that provides one on one companionship and friendship to poor frustrated community people and vulnerable elderly people with special needs, such as food, clothes, blankets and also feeling too lonely and isolated in their homes.