There is no compassionate heart like feeding children who hunger and thirst through our feeding program. Started in 2013, the program is one of a handful of specialty feeding programs in the areas of our reach as a ministry. Through community care missions we identify many vulnerable homes with children between the age of 5 -10 that survives on a meal of a dollar a day food.


The Kingdom lighters ministry is proud to be impacting the Orphans and Vulnerable children through education programs, our efforts is to impact the lives of children through education programs for the sake of saving their future life. Education is a sure way in Africa for one to live a self-reliant future life.

Church Mission & Community Outreach

We have a friendly visiting team that provides one on one companionship and friendship to poor frustrated community people and vulnerable elderly people with special needs, such as food, clothes, blankets and also feeling too lonely and isolated in their homes.